To resell a notebook without reinstalling it, i needed a way to wipe the empty space on the disk after deleting all my personal data.

When using git bash and aws sam cli on windows, i get "bash: sam: command not found" error.

When copying large image files between servers I use rsync to resume/continue interrupted file transfers.

I used email validated aws acm certificates for a while, than aws invented the dns validation of certificates.

When local postgres installation has a different version than on server, pg_dump might fail with the following message:

When building an angular application with aws codebuild, i often get the folling error message and node.js runs out of stack memory:

In PostgreSQL releases prior to 9.0, large objects did not have access privileges and were, therefore, always readable and writable by all users.

I recently startet a new project, but did not use git for source management. Each time i had a working version, i just zipped the content of the project folder. Now i want to reapply the full history into a git repository.

I use Git Bash on Windows 10 and want to mount a folder of the host machine into a docker container.